All Things Arb Podcast

All Things Arb Podcast

If you work in arboriculture or forestry then the All Things Arb podcast is for you. Tune in to the UK’s most popular arb podcast each week for a laid-back chat with your favourite arb experts, industry heavyweights and brands. Get all the insider info, learn about new kit and understand the latest trends in our industry.

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Recent Episodes

Know Your Numbers - Henri Ghijben - Tree Surgeons Mastermind S2 E1

June 26, 2022

Henri Ghijben, is a tree surgery business owner, podcast host, and entrepreneur who lost it all. Find out how Henri's life went from ok to a dark hole when his business was forced to closed. Since then Henri has managed to r…

#30 Eat, Sleep, Climb, Repeat - Canopy Climbing Collective

May 8, 2022

We join the team behind Canopy Climbing Collective, a group of 11 lads wishing to climb the tallest trees, test out new equipment and enjoy what mother nature has to offer. Oh, and yes, we had all 11 people on the podcast!! …

#29 New Beginnings

April 24, 2022

John Parker CEO of the Aboculture Association invites us down to the malt house where we give him a grilling and see how he plans to turn the Aboculture Association around along with what challenges he's faced over the past …

To Join The Arb Association or Not To Join

March 27, 2022

Adam Hope from Adrian Hope Tree Services invites us down to talk about what it took for them to become Arb Approved to then leave the scheme a few years later.

George Browns #27

March 13, 2022

This week Dan Rooney from George Browns Buckingham joins us on the sofa and shows us around what he's been getting up to at George Browns.

Guest: Dan Rooney

#26 Lost and Found

Feb. 27, 2022

We meet Ben Booker found and a telematics expert from SO-Trak. Ben gives us the run down of how he started his business and what you can expect from asset tracking.

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Tom Alexander


Tom Alexander is the founder of All Things Arb and host of the UK’s most popular arboriculture podcast. A certified arborist he worked in the tree industry for 12 years before setting up and growing All Things Arb to be one of the most successful forestry and arb industry publications, with over 20K monthly website visitors and 70k social media followers. A lifelong Liverpool fan he’s obsessed with chainsaws, hamsters and Venezuelan dark chocolate.