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June 26, 2022

Know Your Numbers - Henri Ghijben - Tree Surgeons Mastermind S2 E1

Henri Ghijben, is a tree surgery business owner, podcast host, and entrepreneur who lost it all. Find out how Henri's life went f…

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May 8, 2022

#30 Eat, Sleep, Climb, Repeat - Canopy Climbing Collective

We join the team behind Canopy Climbing Collective, a group of 11 lads wishing to climb the tallest trees, test out new equipment…

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April 24, 2022

#29 New Beginnings

John Parker CEO of the Aboculture Association invites us down to the malt house where we give him a grilling and see how he plans…

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March 27, 2022

To Join The Arb Association or Not To Join

Adam Hope from Adrian Hope Tree Services invites us down to talk about what it took for them to become Arb Approved to then leave…

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March 13, 2022

George Browns #27

This week Dan Rooney from George Browns Buckingham joins us on the sofa and shows us around what he's been getting up to at Georg…

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Feb. 27, 2022

#26 Lost and Found

We meet Ben Booker found and a telematics expert from SO-Trak. Ben gives us the run down of how he started his business and what …

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Jan. 23, 2022

#25 What Tree Part 2

Dak from Environmental Training Centre gets down to the nitty-gritty of the industry in our special part 2 part eposide.

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Jan. 16, 2022

#24 What Tree Part 1

Ever wondered how Dak from Environmental Training Centre managed to get a tree inside his new training centre then find out in th…

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Dec. 19, 2021

#23 The Underlying Truth of Tree Work

Managing Director Rory Hammonds of climbatize ltd joins us as we talk about the dark side of tree work...

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Oct. 31, 2021

#22 Cutting Edge Mechanics

We are given a very warm welcome from Alun James of Cutting Edge Mechanics a small arb and machinery dealer based in Jamestown, C…

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Oct. 17, 2021

#21 Tough Business

Jack Thomas from The Arb Team joins us on this week's podcast and talk us through how tough it is to run a business in this day a…

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Sept. 26, 2021

#20 Money Does Grow on Trees

For any business in the arb industry, if we could recommend one podcast it would be this one. Find out how Harley Waite has trans…

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Sept. 11, 2021

#19 Helicopters, Cranes & Trees

Conor from CJM Tree Care takes up high above the world and also to the other side as he shares his experience of working with Hel…

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Aug. 29, 2021

#18 Gone in 60 Seconds

On the 8th of June, Heywood Tree Services watched as their van and Woodchipper were stolen from their home. A few hours later the…

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Aug. 22, 2021

#17 Close Call & Barber Chairs

Tom Cleary shares his harrowing experience of how a normal job turned into a life-saving battle against the clock.

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July 11, 2021

#16 Arborist Climbing in Australia

Marcus Nicholson from ArborPride joins us on the podcast as we talk about moving from the UK to working in Australia.

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July 4, 2021

#15 What a load of woodchips

What do you do with a bunch of woodchips, what do you do with a bunch of woodchips, what do you do with a bunch of wood chips ear…

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June 27, 2021

#14 For the love of SEO & Trees!

What is Seo, What is Meta Data, What does GMB mean? Got questions like this? Tom from Nautilus Marketing comes to the rescue.

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June 13, 2021

#13 Recruitment 101

Katy Davis from Agrecruiting shares her top 10 tips on how you can find the right employee and what your should be doing to make …

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May 30, 2021

#12 Is the paint fixed yet?

Launching in 2013 FÖRST made waves with their breakthrough performance and cutting edge design. But not everything went to plan.

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May 14, 2021

#11 Money, Money, Money

To Buy or Not to Buy, Matt Potter walks us through what you need to do as a business for when you need to finance equipment

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May 2, 2021

#10 Life with a Unimog

King of the road or King of the trees. Find out how Ben from Huw Forestry turned his Unimog into a transformer

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April 25, 2021

#9 Brand building and tree work

Do you know the difference between a business and a brand? Joel Spooner of InTreeMedia walks us through what it means to use the …

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April 18, 2021

#8 Never Give up Part 2

Ready to 10x your business then sit back strap in for part 2 of Never Give up with LAWRENCE -THOR STEPHEN

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