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Info, tips, stories and advice in your podcast has already proved to be invaluable

Loving the podcast bro, devoured the lot in two days. We're just starting out at the ripe age of 39 after a complete change of lifestyle and a 400 mile move from Kent to The Lake District. The info, tips, stories and advice in your podcast has already proved to be invaluable so thank you 👊🤙

Just wanted to say a massive thanks for all you do with the podcast.

I’m leaving the military this year and I’m planning on retraining in arboriculture. I’ve listened to all your episodes now and I’ve learnt a massive amount about the job, I’ve made some solid connections on Linked in with some great people that are helping me move forward.

Great Podcast

Hi there just wanted to message and say how good I think the podcast is. I only started listening to it a couple of weeks ago and have pretty much listened to every episode now and every episode I listen to I keep thinking how good it is to have a podcast like this for our industry.

Great Podcast

Always listen when the latest episode comes out and always learn something new. Great variety of guests and content.

Harley Knows his stuff

Just watched the podcast with that kid from Essex Harley, I defiantly agree with you on that one much better to give the price there and then, rather than going home and asking the business partner, he knows the cost of the team already and he knows there abouts how fast the gang work so giving the price there and then is the most professional option And then provide them with an email copy and liability